Carbon Capture ‘poses Huge Gas Leak Risk’

From: The Press and Journal (Inverness)


That would be equivalent to the annual exhaust fumes of 1.1million cars.

An environmental group said the papers revealed “some potentially major problems” but it was “reassured” that all but the worst-case scenarios could be dealt with.

A CCS project at Peterhead aims to capture carbon dioxide at the town’s power station then pump it into a depleted gas field.

But, last year, academics at Bristol University said using offshore oil and gas reservoirs “could have the potential to trigger earthquakes” and “reactivate faults and fractures”.

Their fears appear to be backed up by the government report, which investigated the risks and “financial consequences” of the technology failing.

It examined the impact of leaks from operating and abandoned wells, how they would be controlled and how much CO2 could escape, and it says there can be “no absolute guarantee” that the CO2 will remain in the wells into which it is injected.

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