CRE Letter to the EPA SAB Asking Them To Participate in the CRE Interactive Public Docket on CCS

To: Ms. Angela Nugent,  Designated  Federal Official–EPA Science Advisory Board

Ms. Nugent:

 I am writing you in your capacity as the Designated Federal Official for the EPA Science Advisory Board.

 This is to advise you that CRE has initiated an Interactive Public Docket (IPD) to address  the availability of CCS technology. The IPD is

 Nearly nine years ago National Public Radio  reported on the strengths of IPD’s;  please see

We believe that the ultimate resolution of the issue at hand is best resolved by providing an open forum for experts to present their views and for the experts  to have the opportunity to comment on the views of others. As with other IPD’s maintained by CRE,  regulators visit them routinely but have the advantage of not needing to respond to all the comments. Nonetheless existing law permits regulators to introduce material on an IPD  into the record even after the close of the public comment period if there  is a precursor comment in the aforementioned docket.

 To this end I would appreciate your informing the SAB Board members of the existence of the IPD. By no means am I asking them to comment in their official capacity but instead as individuals who are recognized experts in their  respective fields of endeavor.


 Jim Tozzi

Member, Board of Advisors

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness




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