CRE Letter to the EPA SAB Asking Them To Participate in the CRE Interactive Public Docket on CCS

To: Ms. Angela Nugent,  Designated  Federal Official–EPA Science Advisory Board

Ms. Nugent:

 I am writing you in your capacity as the Designated Federal Official for the EPA Science Advisory Board.

 This is to advise you that CRE has initiated an Interactive Public Docket (IPD) to address  the availability of CCS technology. The IPD is

 Nearly nine years ago National Public Radio  reported on the strengths of IPD’s;  please see

CRE Draft Letter and Draft Report to Administrator of EPA on the Availability of CCS Technology

Editor’s Note: This letter is a work in progress; CRE welcomes comments from the public.

Dear Administrator McCarthy:

Having served on the EPA’s Environmental Finance Advisory Board (EFAB) and having had the  lead on its initial review of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) financing, I compliment you for utilizing the capabilities of this talented group and hopefully you will continue to benefit from their services.[1]

Environmental Financial Advisory Board (EFAB)

EPA’s  Enivronmental Financial  Advisory Board  has done some of the early analysis of the CCS technology.  The work of this talented group is not well known and it is for this reason that CRE is making its  work known  to the public.

 2009  Tozzi   Named Chair:  Carbon, Caputure and Sequestration ( pg.  3)

 2010  Report  on Financial Assurance for CCS Facilities

EFAB Library on CCS

EFAB Working Papers