CHIME Member Leads Healthcare Cybersecurity Task Force

From: HealthITSecurity


Information sharing is a key part to improving healthcare cybersecurity measures, especially as the healthcare industry is different from other sectors.

Creating a set of recommendations that anyone in the healthcare industry can utilize is one of several goals for the federal healthcare cybersecurity task force, according to co-chair and CHIME board member Theresa Meadows, R.N., CHCIO.



The Next President Will Decide the Fate of Killer Robots—and the Future of War

From: Wired

Heather M. Roff and P.W. Singer


This emerging reality has prompted debate—in places ranging from the Pentagon to the United Nations—on the need for policies, regulations, or, as some even argue, preemptive bans on AWS. Yet, to date only the US and its close partner the UK have created actual policies regarding those weapons, albeit limited. Both countries allow research to move forward on AWS, but set a goal to limit their deployment without appropriate human judgment or meaningful human control. In the US, the policy also has an out clause, allowing us to build and use the tech, if senior leadership deems it necessary.


Public Safety Canada calls for Submissions on New National Cybersecurity Strategy

From: Lexology

Dan DolinerMcCarthy Tétrault LLP

On August 16, 2016, Public Safety Canada (“PSC”) issued a consultation paper, launching a public consultation as part of PSC’s development of an updated national cybersecurity strategy (the “Consultation Paper”). The consultation will close on October 15, 2016. Business may want to consider making submissions in respect of some key questions posed around possible regulation or standard-setting regarding Internet of Things and connected devices, certification for E-commerce activities, and information sharing (especially in respect of critical infrastructure).

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