UAE is hit hard by GameOver Zeus virus

From: Khaleej Times

Allan Jacob

The malware, which the FBI terms “extremely sophisticated”, can steal banking and other passwords from the computers it infects and mostly spread through spam e-mail or phishing messages.  

It emerged three years ago and may be lying dormant on your computer as it gathers sensitive data. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation and cyber security firm Symantec estimate a million users around the world, including those in the UAE, have been affected by the GameOver Zeus virus. Users in the UAE are the third most affected (eight per cent over two years) with 5,000 to 6,000 infected computers in the past week alone, according to Symantec officials who spoke to Khaleej Times.


Silicon Valley Mines the Federal Regulatory Data Base

From: Center for Regulatory Effectiveness via PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Regulations.gov is the keeper of some of the nation’s most precious data—all the information regarding the most important regulations issued by all federal agencies. The information includes copies of proposed rules, copies of final rules, supporting data and most importantly all the comments submitted to federal agencies from the public.

This important function is not housed in a particular agency and it has neither a well-defined management structure nor a yearly budget; instead this important function is managed by a multi-headed interagency agency council which has to pass the hat to keep the operation running.


Cyber risk? Not my job

From: CFO World

CFOs in global businesses are ignoring cyber risks in business planning


A study conducted by PwC at the end of last year revealed that only 12 percent of the CFOs or financial controllers surveyed at UK and global companies have a formal process for assessing technology-related risks to their company. This is in spite of the growing cyber security challenge faced by businesses today.

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