CRE Consortium on Regulation by Executive Order

Repeated statements by Administration officials confirm the fact that the Obama Administration is about to launch a number of major regulatory programs by Executive Order.

Unchecked these Executive Branch actions could impose untold costs on industry.

The most effective way to address the issue is through taking actions while the proposals are in the Executive Branch although the data base created herein will also be helpful in future legislative and judicial actions.

Over the past five decades CRE personnel, acting either in their capacity as a federal official or as a member of the private sector, were instrumental in the development and implementation of the Five Governors of the Regulatory State.

The essence of this Consortium is that CRE would subject each proposed administrative action to review under one or more of the aforementioned governors of the regulatory state and report publicly  on OIRA Watch.

For additional information contact Jim Tozzi  202.265.2383


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