Cyber Kinks in the Global Supply Chain

From: Global Trade

Written by Michael Bahar and Trevor Satnick

As one of the most critical links in the global supply chain, shipping is often considered the lifeblood of the global economy, which makes a cyber attack against it a potential cause of a massive coronary.

Just recently, the global shipping giant Maersk, struck by this summer’s ransomware attacks, announced a loss of around $300 million and significant business interruption during its malware-induced shutdown. In truth, it could have been a lot worse. The breach did not result in data loss to third parties and it caused no physical destruction.

General Data Protection Regulation: What It Means For US Healthcare/Life Science Companies (Part Three)

From: Foley & Hoag

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This is the third post in a three-part series designed to provide a summary of some of the GDPR features that are likely to have the most substantial impact on healthcare/life science related businesses. (Links for Part One and Part Two

GDPR Features that Apply Specifically to the Healthcare/Life Science Sectors

Even though the GDPR is a general regulation, some provisions are expressly addressing the specificities of the processing of personal data in the healthcare/life science sectors.

Will Advanced TV Force Innovation In Law And Regulation?

From: AdExchanger

Andy Dale, VP, legal and data protection officer at dataxu.


The Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) is one example of an existing law being applied to advanced TV technology. VPPA and the use of TV viewing data is the subject of a class-action lawsuit and was the subject of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforcement action, both of which targeted Vizio.

Banks Unsure Ahead of N.Y. Cybersecurity Compliance Deadline

From: Bloomberg/BNA

By Daniel R. Stoller

Banks are uneasy over unclear compliance standards and possible enforcement of New York financial services cybersecurity standards they must meet by Aug. 28, data security attorneys and cybersecurity professionals told Bloomberg BNA.

Banks and financial service companies should make a good faith best effort to meet the compliance deadline regardless of any uncertainty because the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) is taking seriously its cybersecurity oversight role.

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New York State Department of Financial Services: Regulating Cybersecurity on a Global Scale?

From: New York Law Journal

Grace Period Expires for Cybersecurity Regulations in NY: What Comes Next?

F. Paul Greene

F. Paul Greene writes: The day has finally arrived for the financial services industry in New York. The new cybersecurity regulations issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services are officially in force, and for the first time, a single state is regulating cybersecurity on a potentially global scale, and it has done so via the regulatory process, not legislative action.

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