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    Genesee River Protection Act of 1989

16 USC 1276 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Indian Omnibus Law, sale of land

25 USC 404 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Oklahoma Welfare Act

25 USC 501 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program Act of 1983

43 USC 390g (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Agriculture laws, summaries


    State laws (House Internet Law Library)


    Supreme Court Opinions, June 1994-present; Court of Appeals, June 1995-present; Court of Criminal Appeals, June 1995-present; Attorney Generals Opinions, 1948-presen; Attorney Generals Unpublished Opinions, 1969-present; and Merit Protection Opinions, 1994-present

    Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions (summaries), Tulsa County Oklahoma jury verdicts (Morelaw)

State Government

    State Government information


    State Bar Association

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