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North Carolina


    Lower Saint Croix River Act of 1972, wild and scenic rivers

16 USC 1274 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Genesee River Protection Act of 1989

16 USC 1276 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Outer Banks Protection Act

33 USC 2753 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Administrative Procedures Act

    Agriculture laws, summaries

    Charlotte Town Resolves, 1775 (Yale Law School)

    Colonial laws


    Interstate movement of animals


    Pesticide laws and regulations

    State laws (House Internet Law Library)


    Court of Appeals decisions, Nov. 1994 to present (N.C. Insider)

    Court of Appeals

    Judicial Branch

    Supreme Court decisions, Nov. 1994 to present (N.C. Insider)

    Supreme Court - search

    Supreme Court opinions, Dec 1995 to present

State Government

    Department of Labor

    Food and drug programs


    Small business

    State Bar Association

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