Are Generics of Cialis Safe and Effective?

Today, no one can be surprised by the presence in pharmacies of generics of most popular drugs, in particular, such an effective and well-known remedy for combating erectile dysfunction as Cialis. However, not all men believe that generics are a complete replacement for the original medicine. Considering how much cheaper generic Cialis is, we believe it is appropriate to explain why Cialis generics are as safe and effective as their prototype.

First of all, any generics enter the market after a sufficiently long period of adaptation of the original drug. As a rule, by this point, the process of synthesis of the active ingredient has been studied more than well, especially since generic manufacturers use a ready-made medicinal formula created by the company that first patented the drug. The main task of the manufacturer of generics in relation to the active substance is to qualitatively purify it from impurities. In addition, raw materials for generic drugs are sometimes purchased from different suppliers, and these substances contain different proportions of impurities. Production conditions, too, sometimes differ significantly.

But the task of selecting excipients when creating a generic is not always simple. If the excipients are poorly selected, this can seriously affect the effect of the drug. For example, for long-acting drugs, auxiliary ingredients are especially important. Minor fluctuations in their quality can lead to a radically different dynamics of drug release in the human body and, as a result, an overdose of the drug or, conversely, no effect.

However, today there is no reason to doubt the quality of the vast majority of both cheap Cialis generics and mid-priced generics. To register a Tadalafil-based generic, as in the case of all other PDE-5 inhibitors, a pharmaceutical company must prove it is bioequivalent to the original. This means that studies need to show that these drugs have the same absorption rate, maximum concentration of the substance in the blood and duration of presence in the body. If drugs that should not be absorbed (ointments, eye drops) are being studied, then such tests are not carried out - the composition of these drugs should simply correspond to the original. But, since all forms of release of Viagra generics - pills, sachets, soft tablets - are intended for oral administration, they all, accordingly, are certified before entering the pharmaceutical market.

Now, almost the only chance of encountering a low-quality generic is to buy not actually a generic, but a counterfeit for it, which is produced not by a pharmaceutical company, but by some kind of scammers. Fortunately, it is not possible to purchase such fake drugs in officially registered online pharmacies, and the only thing to do in order not to run into a placebo filled inside with compressed potato starch instead of Tadalafil is to avoid buying cheap generics in sex shops, on forums or ad sites.