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    Joshua Tree National Monument Act

16 USC 450ii (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area Act

16 USC 460bb (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area Addition Act of 1992

16 USC 460bb-1 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Lower Saint Croix River Act of 1972, wild and scenic rivers

16 USC 1274 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Genesee River Protection Act of 1989

16 USC 1276 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act

25 USC 1300i (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    29 codes of state law

    Agriculture laws (summaries)

    Archaeological laws

    Business and professional codes

    Charter Schools Act, 1992

    Civil Code


    Constitution and statutes

    Education Code

    Health and Safety Code

    Public Resources Code

    Uniform Commercial Code

    Water Code

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    State laws (House Internet Law Library)


    Judicial Branch

    Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal opinions issued in the last 60 hours

    Appellate Courts Directory

State Government

    Department of Industrial Relations

    Labor Standards and Safety Division

    Office of State Public Defender

    Rules and Regulations for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

    State Board of Education

    State Franchise Tax Board

    State Lands Commission

    State Senate


    CAL Law

    State Bar Association

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