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    Lower Saint Croix River Act of 1972, wild and scenic rivers

16 USC 1274 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Genesee River Protection Act of 1989

16 USC 1276 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Haida Land Exchange Act of 1986

16 USC 3195 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Reindeer Industry Act of 1937

25 USC 5000 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Oil Terminal and Oil Tanker Environmental Oversight and Monitoring Act of 1990

33 USC 2732 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Indian Housing Act of 1988

42 USC 1437aa (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act

43 USC 1651 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Alaska Statutes - 1995

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