State and Territorial Laws, General


    Business and professional codes by state

    Council of State Governments

    Index to state governments

    Legislative information not available on the Internet

    National Corporate Records Directory (Law Journal Extra)

    Recent State APA Reform Proposals and Other Developments (Florida State University)

    State Bar Associations

    State Crime Statistical Analysis

    State criminal procedure rules

    State Administrative Procedure Acts (Florida State University)

    State And Local Government Law Section (American Bar Association)

    State Capital Strategies - legislative monitoring for 50 states

    State environmental agencies

    State environmental sites - links (Environmental Resource Center)

    State environmental sites - links

    State Legislative Database - search (GoverNet Affairs)

    State regulatory entities

    State search (National Association of State Information Resources Executives)

    State Sites of Interest to the Regulatory Professional

    Tax rates by state, by type of tax (Federation of Tax Administrators)

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