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    Article III, U.S. Constitution -Powers of the Supreme Court (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

Supreme Court Decisions

    U.S. Supreme Court decisions, 1990 to present - search (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Selected Historic Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court (pre-dating regular release of Court decisions to the Internet), sorted by topic, party name, opinion, or author (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    FedWorld/FLITE Supreme Court Decisions Issued between 1937 and 1975, search by keyword or case name (FedWorld)

    U.S. Supreme Court Decisions from 1906 - search (American Law Sources OnLine)

    Supreme Court Decisions Overruled by Subsequent Decision

    Annotations of Constitutional Cases Decided by the U.S. Supreme Court to June 29, 1992, Senate Document No. 103-6 - search (Congressional Research Service)

    U.S. Constitution with Annotations of Cases Decided by the U.S. Supreme Court (FindLaw)

    Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975 (GPO Access)


    About The Supreme Court

    Analysis and Interpretation: Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States (Library of Congress)

    Rules of the U.S. Supreme Court

    Office of the Solicitor General Government Briefs Submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, 1983-1985 (Department of Justice)

    Supreme Court Calendars

    Supreme Court Historical Society

    Supreme Court Oral Argument Calendar

    Supreme Court Justices (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

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