Transportation and Travel

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Laws, Treaties, and Conventions

    14 USC - Coast Guard (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    23 USC - Highways (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    33 USC - Navigation and Naviagble Waters (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    45 USC - Railroads (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    46 USC - Shipping (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    49 USC - Transportation (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Truth in Mileage Act of 1986

15 USC 1901 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Clean Vessel Act of 1992, summary

16 USC 777, 106 Stat. 5039, P.L. 102-587, Subtitle V(F) (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Tennessee Valley Authority Bridge Act

16 USC 831c-1 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act

23 USC 101 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems Act of 1991

23 USC 307 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Misuse of a Government-owned vehicle

31 USC 1349(b) (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Refuse Act of 1899, navigable waters

33 USC 407 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Great Lakes Planning Assistance Act of 1988, navigable waters

33 USC 426p (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    General Bridge Act of 1906

33 USC 491 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Hobbs Bridge Act

33 USC 511 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    General Bridge Act of 1946

33 USC 525 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Great Lakes Shoreline Mapping Act of 1987

33 USC 883a (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Longshore And Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

33 USC 901

    Port and Tanker Safety Act of 1978

33 USC 1221 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships

33 USC 1901 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Inland Navigational Rules Act of 1980

33 USC 2001 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Harbor Development and Navigation Improvement Act of 1986

33 USC 2231 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Organotin Antifouling Paint Control Act of 1988, water pollution

33 USC 2401 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Roberts Act, purchase of Federal vehicles

40 USC 701 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Tramroad Act

43 USC 956 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Power or Train Brakes Safety Appliance Act of 1958 (Repealed)

45 USC 9 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Accident Reports Acts, railroads (Repealed)

45 USC 38 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Hours of Service Act, Railroads (Repealed)

45 USC 61 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Rail Passenger Service Act (Repealed)

45 USC 501 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973

45 USC 701 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Government-Aided Railroad and Telegraph Act

47 USC 9 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Mass transportation

49 USC 53 (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)

    Department of Transportation

49 USC 101 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Federal-Aid Highways Act of 1968 (wildlife refuges), as amended by the Department of Transportation Act of 1966, summary

49 USC 303, 96 Stat. 2419, P.L. 97-499 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Rules and Notices (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

49 USC 31134 et. Seq. (Federal Highway Administration, DOT)

    National Highway System Designation Act of 1995

P.L. 104-59, S. 440 (Dept. of Transportation)

    Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA)

P.L. 102-240, 105 Stat. 1914 (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, DOT)

    Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft

    Transportation Laws and Regulations (National Transportation Library, Dept of Transportation)

    Transportation Equity Act Reauthorization Guide (Dept of Transportation)

    Admiralty materials - search (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Aviation Law Materials - search (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Highway and Motor Vehicle Law Materials - search (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Maritime and Oceanic Law (Humana University, Nantes, France)

    Transportation: Summary of Environmental Law in the United States (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

    International Convention of Maritime Liens and Mortgages (International Trade Law Monitor)

    United Nations Convention on the Liability of Operators of Transport Terminals in International Trade, 1994 (International Trade Law Monitor)

    The York-Antwerp Rules of 1994 (International Trade Law Monitor)


    E.O. 12844, Federal Use Of Alternative Fueled Vehicles, April 21, 1993 (General Services Administration)

    E.O. 11127, Creating an Emergency Board to Investigate a Dispute Between the Florida East Coast Railway Company and Certain of Its Employees, November 9, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11121, Creating an Emergency Board to Investigate a Dispute Between the United Air Lines, Inc., And Certain of its Employees, October 9, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11120, Amendment of Executive Order No. 10152, Relating to Incentive Pay for Hazardous Duty, Executive Order No. 10168, Relating to Pay For Sea Duty and Duty at Certain Places, and Executive Order No. 10204, Relating, to Basic Allowances for Quarters, October 2, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11115, Creating an Emergency Board to Investigate Disputes Between The Pullman Company, The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Company, The New York Central System, and The Soo Line Railroad Company and Certain of Their Employees, July 4, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11107, Administration of Alaska Railroads, April 25, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11101, Creating an Emergency Board to Investigate Disputes Between the Carriers Represented by the Eastern, Western, and Southeastern Carriers' Conference Committees and Certain of their Employees, April 3, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 10970, Delegating Certain Authority of the President to Establish Maximum Per-Diem Rates for Government Personnel in Travel Status, October 27, 1961 (University of Michigan)

    Aviation Orders (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)

    FAA Regulations

14 CFR 1-199 (Federal Aviation Administration)

    Federal Aviation Regulations

15 CFR (Federal Aviation Administration)

    Guidelines, Federal Transit Law; Final Rule, December 7, 1995

29 CFR 215, Section 5333(b) (Dept. of Transportation)

    Chemical Testing

46 CFR Part 16 (U.S. Coast Guard)

    Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Final Rule: Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines; Detectable Warnings, July 29, 1996

49 CFR Part 37 (Dept. of Transportation)

    Capital Leases; Final Rule, May 17, 1996

49 CFR Part 639 (Dept. of Transportation)

    Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities; Final Rule, May 21, 1996

49 CFR 37 and 38 (Dept. of Transportation)

    Transportation Vehicle Guidelines

49 CFR Part 38 (U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board)

    Directives, Instructions, and Regulations for Transportation Policy (Dept. of Defense)

    Federal Travel Regulations (General Services Administration)

    Joint Travel Regulations (Dept. of Defense)

    Federal Acquisition Regulations, Part 47 Transportation

    Maritime Casualties and Investigations, 1992 - 46 CFR Part 4 (U.S. Coast Guard)

    Marine Investigation Regulations, Personnel Action - 46 CFR Part 5 (U.S. Coast Guard)

    U.S. Coast Guard Marine Board Reports, Chronological Order (U.S. Coast Guard)

    Coast Guard Regulations published in the Federal Register (U.S. Coast Guard)

    GSA Board of Contract Appeals Rules of Procedure for Transportation Rate Cases (General Services Administration)

    GSA Board of Contract Appeals Rules of Procedure for Travel and Relocation Expenses Cases (General Services Administration)

    Individual FAA Advisory Circulars (Federal Aviation Administration)

    NHTSA Regulations and Standards (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

    Transportation Accident Prevention and Emergency Response Involving Conventional DoD Munitions and Explosives, May 27, 1988, DoD Instruction 6055.13 (Dept. of Defense)


    Air and Space Law Forum (American Bar Association)

    Air Mobility Command, DOD

    Bureau of Transportation Statistics, DOT

    Federal Aviation Administration, DOT

    Federal Highway Admiistration, DOT

    Federal Maritime Commission

    Federal Railroad Administration, DOT

    Federal Transit Administration (Dept. of Transportation)

    Guide to Admiralty and Maritime Law

    International Maritime Organization (U.S. Coast Guard)

    Marine Law Institute (Maine School of Law)

    Military Sealift Command, Navy, DOD

    Military Traffic Management Command, DOD

    National Defense Transportation Association

    National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, DOT

    Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee, DOD

    Regulatory Law Office, Office of the Judge Advocate General, including Cable Television, electricity, gas, telecommunications, and transportation (United States Army Legal Services Agency, DoD)

    Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law (American Bar Association)

    Transportation Virtual Library (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, DOT)

    National Transportation Safety Board

    Traveler Information (U.S. Customs)

    Transportation Safety Institute, DOT

    U.S. Coast Guard, DOD

    U.S. Department of Transportation

    U.S. Transportation Command, DOD

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