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Sec. 1751. - Designation of fairs

(a) Notice to Secretary of the Treasury

When the Secretary of Commerce is satisfied that the public interest in promoting trade will be served by allowance of the privileges provided for in this chapter to any fair to be held in the United States, he shall so advise the Secretary of the Treasury, designating


the name of the fair,


the place where the fair will be held,


the date when the fair will open and the date when it will close, and


the name of the operator of the fair.

(b) Definitions

For purposes of this chapter -


The term ''fair'' means any fair, exhibition, or exposition designated by the Secretary of Commerce pursuant to this section.


The term ''closing date'' in the case of any fair means the date designated pursuant to subsection (a)(3) of this section as the date when the fair will close, or (if earlier) the date on which such fair actually closes.

(c) Regulations

The Secretary of Commerce may prescribe such regulations as he deems necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions of this section


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