Privacy and Freedom of Information

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    Freedom of Information Act

5 USC 552 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Freedom of Information Act

P.L. 104-231, 110 Stat. 2422, 5 USC 552 (National Archives and Records Administration)

    Freedom of Information Act law and related regulations

5 USC 552 (Dept. of Justice)

    Privacy Act

5 USC 552a (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Privacy Act

5 USC 552a (National Archives and Records Administration)

    Government in the Sunshine Act

5 USC 552b(e)(3) (National Archives and Records Administration)

    Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978

12 USC 3401 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Electronic Communications Privacy Act

18 USC 2701 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Privacy Protection Act of 1980

42 USC2000aa (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Fair Credit Reporting Act

P.L. 104-208 (Federal Trade Commission)

    Privacy and information access laws (House Internet Law Library)

    Publicity/Privacy Law Materials (Cornell Legal Information Institute)


    NARA Privacy Act Issuances, 1993 Compilation Online Database - descriptions of Federal agency systems of records on individuals and rules agencies follow to assist individuals who request information about their records (National Archives and Records Administration)


    American Medical Association Opinions & Standards, Confidentiality: Computers, Part 507 (Health Law Resource)

    American Medical Association Opinions & Standards, Disclosure of Records to Data Collection Companies, Part 5.075 (Health Law Resource)

    A Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records

    FBI Headquarters Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

    Information about the Freedom of Information Act (Dept. of Justice)

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