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Sec. 3801. - Findings

The Congress finds that -


the Secretary of the Interior has identified 53 dams on Indian lands that present a threat to human life in the event of a failure;


because of inadequate attention in the past to problems stemming from structural deficiencies and regular maintenance requirements for dams operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, unsafe Bureau dams continue to pose an imminent threat to people and property;


many Bureau dams have maintenance deficiencies regardless of their current safety condition classification and the deficiencies must be corrected to avoid future threats to human life and property;


safe working dams on Indian lands are necessary to supply irrigation water, to provide flood control, to provide water for municipal, industrial, domestic, livestock, and recreation uses, and for fish and wildlife habitats; and


it is necessary to institute a regular dam maintenance and repair program, utilizing the expertise in the Bureau, Indian tribes, and other Federal agencies


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