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Sec. 2201. - Definitions

For the purpose of this chapter -


''Indian tribe'' or ''tribe'' means any Indian tribe, band, group, pueblo, or community for which, or for the members of which, the United States holds lands in trust;


''Indian'' means any person who is a member of any Indian tribe or is eligible to become a member of any Indian tribe, or any person who has been found to meet the definition of ''Indian'' under a provision of Federal law if the Secretary determines that using such law's definition of Indian is consistent with the purposes of this chapter;


''Secretary'' means the Secretary of the Interior;


''trust or restricted lands'' means lands, title to which is held by the United States in trust for an Indian or an Indian tribe or lands title to which is held by Indians or an Indian tribe subject to a restriction by the United States against alienation; and


''heirs of the first or second degree'' means parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, brothers and sisters of a decedent


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