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Sec. 2112. - Establishment


There is hereby authorized to be established within 25 miles of the District of Columbia a Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (hereinafter in this chapter referred to as the ''University''), at a site or sites to be selected by the Secretary of Defense, with authority to grant appropriate advanced degrees. It shall be so organized as to graduate not less than 100 medical students annually.


Except as provided in subsection (a), the numbers of persons to be graduated from the University shall be prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. In so prescribing the number of persons to be graduated from the University, the Secretary of Defense shall institute actions necessary to ensure the maximum number of first-year enrollments in the University consistent with the academic capacity of the University and the needs of the uniformed services for medical personnel.


The development of the University may be by such phases as the Secretary of Defense may prescribe subject to the requirements of subsection (a)


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