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Mission Statement

Please be advised that this site is to be used for reference purposes only. Inquiries about access to official personnel files, records, or actions shall be addressed to the appropriate Agency or Military Service.

ONLY send inquiries concerning DoD issuances written or sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Washington Headquarters Service (WHS) staff. All other issuance inquiries shall be addressed to the appropriate Agency or Military Service.

This office does NOT handle Joint Publications, Service Publications, or other Internal or Federal Agency Publications.

Send inquiries concerning DoD forms to the Directorate for Information, Operations, and Reports, Washington Headquarters Services.

The mission of the Directives Section is to administer and operate the DoD Directives System. The DoD Directives System was established to provide a single, uniform system of DoD issuances and directive-type memorandums used to convey DoD policies, responsibilities, and procedures. The DoD Directives System provides for the orderly processing, approval, publication, distribution, internal review, and records management of DoD Directives, DoD Instructions, and DoD Publications. The DoD Directives System also includes the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Federal Register System.

The Records Section's mission is to oversee the operation of the records disposition and privacy programs for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the OSD Components and Field Operating Agencies. The records disposition program provides life-cycle management of all OSD records, regardless of form or content from creation to destruction for temporary materials or transfer to the custody of the National Archives for permanent material.

The privacy program provides for the protection of personal information maintained by any OSD component or office.

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