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Laws and Treaties

    22 USC - Foreign Relations and Intercourse (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Banking Act of 1978

12 USC 3101 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Lending Supervision Act of 1983

12 USC 3901 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Cooperation in Global Change Research Act of 1990

15 USC 2951 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Act for the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons

18 USC 11 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Protection of Foreign Officials and Official Guests of the United States Act

18 USC 112 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism

18 USC 3701 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    United States-Israel Free Trade Area Implementation Act of 1985

19 USC 2112 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Generalized System of Preferences Renewal Act of 1984, aid to developing countries

19 USC 2461 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Pan-American Naval Academy Act

20 USC 221 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Diplomatic Relations Act

22 USC 254a (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Inter-American Statistical Institute Act

22 USC 269d (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Interparliamentary Union Acts

22 USC 276 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group Act

22 USC 276d (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Finance Corporation Act

22 USC 282 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Inter-American Development Bank Act

22 USC 283 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Inter-American Investment Corporation Act

22 USC 283a (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    United Nations Environment Program Participation Act of 1973

22 USC 287 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    United Nations Headquarters Agreement and Participation Act of 1945

22 USC 287 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Inter-American Foundation Act

22 USC 290f (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    United States-India Fund for Cultural, Educational, and Scientific Cooperation Act

22 USC 290j (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948

22 USC 1431 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act

22 USC 1465aa (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Claims Settlement Act of 1949

22 USC 1621 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Latin American Development Act

22 USC 1942 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Atomic Energy Agency Participation Act of 1957

22 USC 2021 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Health Research Act of 1960

22 USC 2101 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Travel Act of 1961

22 USC 2121 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Foreign Assistance Act of 1961

22 USC 2151 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Environment Protection Act of 1983, summary

22 U.S.C 2151q., 97 Stat. 1045, P.L. 98-164 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Global Environmental Protection Assistance Act of 1989

22 USC 2281 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Hickenlooper Amendment (Cuba)

22 USC 2370 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Peace Corps Act

22 USC 2501 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Taiwan Relations Act

22 USC 3301 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Debt Management Act of 1988

22 USC 5321 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Navigational Rules Act of 1977

33 USC 1601 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Research, Development, and Demonstration Act

42 USC 9001 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Act of 1980

42 USC 9101 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Emergency Economic Powers Act

50 USC 1701 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    The Lend Lease Act, March 11, 1941

U.S. Statues at Large, Vol. LV, p. 31 (University of Kansas)

    Foreign Relations Law Materials - search (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Law Materials (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    International Trade Law Materials - search (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Paris Convention for The Protection of Industrial Property, July 14, 1967 (BitLaw)

    Paris Convention for the Protection Of Industrial Property, July 14, 1967 (Tufts University)

    Multilateral Treaties, arranged by Subject (Tufts University)

    Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI) - search (Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network)

    International Convention for the High Seas Fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean - full text (ENTRI) (Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network)

    A Guide to the Laws and Treaties of the United States for Protecting Migratory Birds (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

    The Covenant of the League of Nations, Dec. 1924 (University of Kansas)

    The Monroe Doctrine, 1823

    The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 (University of Kansas)

    Patent Cooperation Treaty (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)



    E.O. 13107, Implementation of Human Rights Treaties, Dec. 10, 1998

    E.O. 13099, Prohibiting Transactions with Terrorists Who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process(National Archives and Records Administration)

    E.O. 11071, Designation of Certain Foreign Countries as Economically Less Developed Countries or Purposes of the Revenue Act of 1962, December 27, 1962 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11059, Designating Public International Organizations Entitled to Enjoy Certain Privileges, Exemptions, and Immunities, October 23, 1962 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11019, Amending Executive Order No. 10873 to Provide for an Exception to the Inter-American Development Bank's Immunity from Suit Specified in the International Organizations Immunities Act, April 27, 1962 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 10973, Administration of Foreign Assistance and Related Functions, November 3, 1961 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 10956, Amendment of Executive Order No. 10841 Relating to International Cooperation under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as Amended, August 10, 1961 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 10955, Administration of Assistance in the Development of Latin America and in the Reconstruction of Chile, July 31, 1961 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 10938, Establishing the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisor Board, May 4, 1961 (University of Michigan)


    Agency for International Development

    Asian Development Bank

    Bureau of International Labor Affairs (Dept. of Labor)

    Bank for International Settlements

    Court of International Trade (U.S. Courts)

    Dictionaries, translating for Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish

    Directory of embassies

    Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA

    Foreign central banks

    Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, DOJ

    Foreign Military Studies Office (Dept. of Army)

    International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce

    "How to" Guide To Treaty Research, Basic Research Guide #7 (George Washington University)

    Inter-American Development Bank

    International Financial Institutions Program (Center for International Environmenta Law)

    International Law Section (American Bar Association)

    International Monetary Fund

    International Regulatory Management and Reform (OECD)

    Library of Congress Country Studies/Area Handbook Program

    Department of the Interior

    Peace Corps

    President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

    Territorial Courts (U.S. Courts)

    United Nations Industrial Development Organization

    U.S. Department of State

    International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State

    U.S. Trade Representative

    World Bank


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