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Sec. 6201. - Findings, purposes, and limitations

(a) Findings

Congress finds that -


domestically produced limes are grown by many individual producers;


virtually all domestically produced limes are grown in the States of Florida and California;


limes move in interstate and foreign commerce, and limes that do not move in such channels of commerce directly burden or affect interstate commerce in limes;


in recent years, large quantities of limes have been imported into the United States;


the maintenance and expansion of existing domestic and foreign markets for limes and the development of additional and improved markets for limes are vital to the welfare of lime producers and other persons concerned with producing, marketing, or processing limes;


a coordinated program of research, promotion, and consumer information regarding limes is necessary for the maintenance and development of such markets; and


lime producers, lime producer-handlers, lime handlers, and lime importers are unable to implement and finance such a program without cooperative action.

(b) Purposes

The purposes of this chapter are -


to authorize the establishment of an orderly procedure for the development and financing (through an adequate assessment) of an effective and coordinated program of research, promotion, and consumer information regarding limes designed -


to strengthen the position of the lime industry in domestic and foreign markets, and


to maintain, develop, and expand markets for limes; and


to treat domestically produced and imported limes equitably.

(c) Limitations

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require quality standards for limes, control the production of limes, or otherwise limit the right of the individual producers to produce limes


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