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Laws: Cases and Codes : U.S. Code : Title 7 : Section 148


U.S. Code as of: 01/05/99
Section 148. Control of insect pests and plant diseases
      The Secretary of Agriculture, in cooperation with authorities of
    the States concerned, organizations, or individuals, is authorized
    and directed to apply such methods for the control of incipient or
    emergency outbreaks of insect pests or plant diseases, including
    grasshoppers, Mormon crickets, and chinch bugs as may be
    necessary.  The Secretary of Agriculture is further authorized to
    cooperate with the Governments of Canada or Mexico or local
    Canadian or Mexican authorities in carrying out in such countries
    necessary operations or measures to control incipient or emergency
    outbreaks of insect pests or plant diseases, when such operations
    or measures are necessary to protect the agriculture of the United
    States. In performing the operations or measures authorized under
    sections 148 to 148e of this title, the cooperating foreign
    country, State, or local agency shall be responsible for the
    authority necessary to carry out the operations or measures on all
    lands and properties within the foreign country or State other than
    those owned or controlled by the Federal Government and for such
    other facilities and means as in the discretion of the Secretary of
    Agriculture are necessary.

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