Executive Order 11122


     WHEREAS a substantial number of families, both farm and non-farm, living in rural areas have relatively low cash incomes and do not share equitably in the economic and social progress of the Nation, and it is desirable to encourage and assist such families by providing greater opportunity for their participation in the Nation's production of goods and services and in community, civic, and other affairs; and

     WHEREAS the Federal Government, in cooperation with the several States and local governments and private agencies and individuals, pursues a rural-development program designed to develop the human resources in rural America by a series of concerted actions to identify the needs of low-income rural people and to help them to achieve greater rewards for their contributions to our national progress; and

     WHEREAS the meeting of legitimate rural-development needs requires vigorous and sustained Federal effort; and

     WHEREAS it is necessary to provide suitable Federal organization for the purpose of promoting the coordination of the efforts of the various departments and agencies in this work:

     NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States, it is ordered as follows:

     SECTION 1. There is hereby created the Rural Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") which shall consist of the following members, all ex officio: the Secretary of Agriculture, who shall be the chairman of the Committee, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Housing and Home Finance Administrator, and the Administrator of the Small Business Administration. The chairman may from time to time invite the participation of officials of other agencies of the executive branch interested in the functions of the Committee. Each member of the Committee may designate an officer of his agency to act for him as a member of the Committee with respect to any matter considered by the Committee.

     SEC. 2. The Committee shall provide leadership and uniform policy guidance to the several Federal departments and agencies responsible for rural-development program functions and related activities so that they may take more effective and concerted actions in carrying out those functions and activities and cooperate more effectively with non-Federal participants, both private and governmental, in the work.

     SEC. 3. In conducting its activities the Committee shall place particular emphasis on effective public and private cooperation and leadership for rural development at the State and local levels, and to that end, shall provide guidance for the conduct of Federal rural-development program functions and related activities in a manner designed to produce optimum State, local, and private participation and initiative in identifying and meeting local needs.

     SEC. 4. The Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Commerce, jointly and individually, shall institute and maintain appropriate measures for the effective coordination of each of the following: (1) the rural-development program of the Department of Agriculture and the functions of the Department of Commerce under the Area Redevelopment Act (75 Stat. 47), and (2) the activities of the Committee and the activities of the Area Redevelopment Advisory Policy Board (75 Stat. 48).

     SEC. 5. Each department and agency responsible for functions and activities that can contribute to the objectives of the rural-development program and related activities shall carry those functions and activities forward in such a manner as to make the fullest possible contribution to the objectives of' rural development.

     SEC 6. The departments and agencies represented on the Committee shall as may be necessary for the purpose of effectuating the provisions of this order, furnish assistance to the Committee in consonance with Section 214 of the Act of May 3, 1945, 59 Stat. 134 (31 U.S.C. 691). Such assistance may include the detailing of employees to the Committee, one of whom may serve as its executive secretary, to perform such functions consistent with the purpose of this order as the Committee may assign to them.

     SEC 7. Nothing in this order shall be deemed to authorize any executive department or any other executive agency established by law to carry out any program which is inconsistent with law.

     SEC. 8. Executive Order No. 10847 of October 12, 1959, is hereby revoked.


October 16, 1963.