Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Research Grants Act

This Act, Research Grants Act (42 USC 1900, 80 Stat. 951), as amended -- Public Law 89-672, signed October 15, 1966, authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to enter into contracts with educational institutions, public or private agencies or organizations, or persons to conduct scientific or technological research.

Requires the Secretary to show that prospective contractors are capable of doing effective work. Also requires the Secretary to advise and assist contractors and coordinate all research initiated under contracts authorized under this law.

Requires the Secretary to publish any rules or regulations necessary to carry out the Act and to distribute reports or publications containing information on research conducted under it, if he deems desirable.

States that nothing in this law is intended to amend, modify or repeal any provisions of law administered by the Secretary which authorizes the making of contracts for research.

A 1975 amendment (P.L. 93-608; 88 Stat. 1967) repealed the section of the Act requiring a report to Congress.

A 1980 amendment (P.L. 96-470; 94 Stat. 2237) repealed language prohibiting an agency from executing a contract prior to 30 calendar days from the date submitted to the House and Senate.

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