Clean Water

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    Federal Water Project Recreation Act, summary

16 USC 460(L)(12)-460(L)(21), 79 Stat. 213, P.L. 89-72 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Bull Run Watershed Management Act

16 USC 482b (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Clean Vessel Act of 1992, summary

16 USC 777, 106 Stat. 5039, P.L. 102-587, Subtitle V(F) (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act

16 USC 1001 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

16 USC 1271 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Water Bank Act

16 USC 1301 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Water Bank Act of 1970, summary

16 USC 1301-1311; 84 Stat. 1468; P.L. 91-559 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    North American Wetlands Conservation Act

16 USC 4401-4412, 103 Stat. 1968, P.L. 101-233 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965

16 USC 4601 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990

16 USC 4701, 104 Stat. 4761, Title I of P.L. 101-646 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Rio Grande Pollution Correction Act of 1987

22 USC 277 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act of 1899, summary with associated regulations; scroll down

33 USC 401, 403, 407 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Refuse Act of 1899, navigable waters

33 USC 407 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Clean Water Act of 1977, as amended

33 USC 1251 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act), summary

33 USC 1251 - 1376, P.L. 845, 62 Stat. 1155 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Oil Pollution Act of 1990

33 USC 1301 et. seq. And 2701 et seq.; 104 Stat. 484, P.L. 101-380 (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act of 1972 (ocean dumping), summary

33 USC 1401-1445, 86 Stat. 1052 and 1061, P.L. 92-532 (Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Intervention on the High Seas Act, oil pollution

33 USC 1471 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships

33 USC 1901 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Organotin Antifouling Paint Control Act of 1988, water pollution

33 USC 2401 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Water Pollution Prevention and Control

33 USC Chap. 26 (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Oil Pollution Act of 1990, summary with associated regulations; scroll down

33 USC 2701-2761 et seq. (Army Corps of Engineers)

    Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988, drinking water

42 USC 300j-2l (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Water Resources Planning Act

42 USC 1962 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Water Resources Planning Act, summary with associated regulations; scroll down

42 USC 1962 et seq. (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Water Resources Development Act of 1976, summary with associated regulations; scroll down

42 USC 1962d-5e, P.L. 94-587 (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

    Water Resources Planning Act

42 USC 1962a-1962(a)(4)(e), 79 Stat. 245, P.L. 89-80 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Safe Drinking Water Act

42 USC 300f et seq., 6939b; 15 USC 1261 et seq. (Environmental Protection Agency)

    Acid Precipitation Act of 1980

42 USC 8901 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Water Resources Research Act of 1984

42 USC 10301 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Desert Land Acts (water use)

43 USC 321 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Western Water Policy Review Act of 1992

43 USC 371 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Garrison Diversion Unit Reformulation Act of 1986, dam construction

43 USC 390a (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Reclamation Reform Act of 1982

43 USC 390aa (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program Act of 1983

43 USC 390g (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Facilities Act

43 USC 390h (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Omnibus Adjustment Act of May 25, 1926, water rights

43 USC 423e (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Title to Movable Property Act, irrigation

43 USC 499a (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Reclamation States Drought Assistance Act of 1988

43 USC 502 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Reclamation Safety of Dams Act of 1978

43 USC 506 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Raker Act (Reclamation and Irrigation)

43 USC 511 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Warren Act (Reclamation - Storage and transportation of water for irrigation districts)

43 USC 523 (US Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Water Resources Development Act of 1986, summary

P.L. 99-662 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Safe Drinking Water Act

P.L. 93-523 (Environmental Protection Agency)

    Pyramid Lake/Truckee-Carson Water Rights Settlement

104 Stat. 3289, Title II of P.L. 101-618 (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

    Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments


    E.O. 13080, American Heritage Rivers Initiative Advisory Committee, April 7, 1998 (DENIX)

    E.O. 13061, Federal Support of Community Efforts Along American Heritage Rivers, September 11, 1997 (DENIX)

    E.O. 13057, Federal Actions in the Lake Tahoe Region, July 26, 1997 (DENIX)

    E.O. 12114, Environmental Effects Abroad of Major Federal Actions, January 4, 1979 (DENIX)

    E.O. 11988, Floodplain Management, May 24, 1977 (DENIX)

    E.O. 11735, Assignment of Functions Under Section 311 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as Amended, August 3, 1973 (DOE)

    Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act), overview

    Stream Corridor Restoration Handbook, cooperative agreement among United States Dept. of Agriculture (Agricultural Research Service, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service), Army Corps of Engineers, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Dept. of the Interior (Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Biological Service, National Park Service), Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Tennessee Valley Authority (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture)

    National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program (U.S. Geologic Survey)

    Rural Utilities Service Regulations, water and waste (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)


    Water Quality Information Center, USDA

    Water Resources of the U.S. (U.S. Geologic Survey)




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