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The Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act

April 1993

Uncle Sam in chair


Why should you be concerned about air pollution?
Features of the 1990 Clean Air Act

The role of the federal government and the role of the states
Interstate air pollution
International air pollution
Public Participation
Market approaches for reducing air pollution; economic incentives
Cleaning up air pollution: the programs in the 1990 Clean Air Act
Smog and other "criteria" air pollutants
Other criteria pollutants: carbon monoxide and particulates
1997 Changes to the Clean Air Act
Criteria air pollutants in gasoline and consumer products
Hazardous air pollutants
Mobile sources
Cleaner fuels
Cleaner cars
Inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs
Cleaner trucks and buses
Non-road vehicles
Transportation policies
Acid rain
Repairing the ozone layer
Consumer products
Home woodstoves
How do you know the Clean Air Act is working?
The Common Air Pollutants

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