Historical Preservation, Archaeology, Culture, and Recreation

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    American Antiquities Act of 1906

16 USC 431-433 (Department of the Interior)

    Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974

16 USC, Chap. 1a, Subchap. I (Historic Preservation Services, Department of the Interior)

    Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979

16 USC 470 (Historic Preservation Services, Department of the Interior)

    National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (as amended), summary

16 USC 470a, et seq.; 80 Stat. 915, 94 Stat. 2997; P.L. 89-665, 89-665, 96-515 (Historic Preservation Services, Department of the Interior)

    Livable Cities Act of 1978

42 USC 8141 (Cornell Legal Information Institute)

    Historic preservation acts, summaries (Fish and Wildlife Service)


    E.O. 13006, Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Our Nation's Central Cities, May 21, 1996 (General Services Administration)

    E.O. 11593, Protection and Enhancement of the Cultural Environment, May 15, 1971 (General Services Administration)

    E.O. 11124, Enlarging the Membership of the President's Advisory Council on the Arts, October 28, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11117, Establishing an Interagency Committee on International Athletics, August 13, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11112 Establishing the President's Advisory Council on the Arts, June 12, 1963 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11069, Amending Executive Order No. 11017 So as to Designate the Secretary of Commerce as a Member of the Recreation Advisory Council, November 28, 1962 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11017, Providing for Coordination with Respect to Outdoor Recreation Resources and Establishing the Recreation Advisory Council, April 27, 1962 (University of Michigan)

    E.O. 11014, Delegating to the Secretary of Commerce Functions with Respect to Participation of the United States in the New York World's Fair, April 17, 1962 (University of Michigan)


    Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

    National Register of Historic Places - search (National Park Service)


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