How to use FedLaw

First look over the initial page to get an idea of the scope of materials contained in FedLaw. Many of the individual entries contain a search capability which can help you, such as searching for Presidential Executive Orders, or have a well structured layout to help you narrow your search, such as Supreme Court cases since 1990. Not everything that is needed is now available on the Internet, particularly past cases, decisions, and rulings.

In some instances, more than one source is listed; this is in case one format is preferable or if one site is temporarily slow or down. A site that is down one day may be up the next; a site that is slow in the afternoon will usually be much faster early in the morning.

For best use, first familiarize yourself with the structure of this research guide. There are 8 sections:

All of the entries in FedLaw are hypertext links to the original source. Just point and click. To return to FedLaw, use the back arrow key at the top of your screen.

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