[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 3, Volume 3, 1998 Compilation and Parts 100 to 102]
[Revised as of January 1, 1999]
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[CITE: 3CFR13108]

[Page 236]
Executive Order 13108 of December 11, 1998

Further Amendment to Executive Order 13037, Commission To Study Capital 

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the 
laws of the United States of America, and in order to extend the 
reporting deadline for, and the expiration date of, the Commission to 
Study Capital Budgeting, it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 
13037, as amended, is further amended by deleting in section 3 of that 
order ``within 1 year from its first meeting'' and inserting in lieu 
thereof ``by February 1, 1999'' and by deleting in section 5 of that 
order ``30 days after submitting its report'' and inserting in lieu 
thereof ``on September 30, 1999''.
                                                    WILLIAM J. CLINTON  
    December 11, 1998.

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