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    NASEM Seeking Nominations for Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR) Council
    The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is seeking nominations for members of the ILAR Council, which oversees and guides National Academies' activities related to the scientific, technological, and ethical use of animals in research-including non-animal alternatives.

    ILAR activities include:

  • consensus studies that provide authoritative advice to federal government, international research community, and the public;
  • the Roundtable on Science and Welfare in Laboratory Animal Use and other convening activities that foster communication and problem solving among the many constituencies with interests in the use of animals in research;
  • international activities related to animal research and welfare;
  • international activities related to One Health and conservation; and
  • the ILAR Journal.

  • NASEM states that it is seeking nominations of exceptional individuals with expertise/experience in the following areas of animal research and welfare: veterinary science and medicine, laboratory animal science and welfare, toxicology, neuroscience, infectious diseases, animal behavior, the ethical use of animals in research, One Health and One Health-related fields, zoonotic diseases, and conservation and wildlife/wildlife diseases, among others.

    To make a nomination, enter the requested information on this form. Nominations are requested no later than Friday, September 28th. (Please feel free to forward to interested parties).
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