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    Interior Renews National Geospatial Advisory Committee
    The U.S. Secretary of the Interior has renewed the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (Committee), in accordance with Section 14(b) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. This Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Federal Geographic Data Committee through the FGDC Chair (the Secretary of the Interior or designee), related to management of Federal geospatial programs, the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, and the implementation of Office of Management and Budget Circular A–16 and Executive Order 12906. The Committee will review and comment upon geospatial policy and management issues and will provide a forum to convey views representative of non-Federal partners in the geospatial community. The Committee will conduct its operations in accordance with the provisions of the FACA.

  • Click here to read Interior’s Federal Register notice of this action.
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