Regulatory Background of Jim Tozzi


Twelve Internationally Recognized Actions


l. †††††††† Recognized as one of the fathers of regulatory review and for his distinguished contributions to science; appointed as a Public Member of the Administrative Conference of the United States.


2. ††††††† National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) -- the nationís record keeper-- interviewed Jim Tozzi on the subject of centralized regulatory review.


3. ††††††† Served in key positions in five US Presidential Administrations.


4.†††††† Instrumental in creating the regulatory review function in the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).


5.†† ††††† Recognized as one of the most influential people in the US government.


6.†††††† Recognized as the creator of the US Data Quality Act (2000).


7.†††††† Recognized as one of leading proponents of the US Paperwork Reduction Act (1980).


8.†††††† Initiated application of cost-benefit reviews to federal regulations.


9.†††††† Successful plaintiff in precedent-setting legal action declaring that certain government reports are reviewable by the courts.


10.      Established the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness Brazil, a non-profit NGO based in S„o Paulo designed to improve the quality
of information used by and disseminated by the Brazilian government, and serves as Executive Editor of a regulatory site dealing
with a comparison of the US regulatory system with that of other countries.


11.††††††† Maintains the most comprehensive website on the regulatory review in the White House Office of Management and Budget.


12.†† †††† Ardent supporter of the performing arts. John Brunious Funeral