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Emerging Regulatory Issues Archive

One Year Ago
OMB Watch printed the following a year ago; given the action taken by the State of Wisconsin to enact Data Quality Legislation, they were right on mark.

"The Bureau of National Affairs recently reported (“Drive Under Way to Enact Legislation On Data Quality, Access at State Level” February 12, 2003) that the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE), a conservative clearinghouse that focuses on data quality and data access issues, has drafted and is making efforts to promote a state version of the federal Data Quality Act along with a state Data Access Bill. Apparently CRE has submitted the two model bills to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative policy group that advocates specific legislation at the state level. Currently neither bill is listed on the ALEC website among the model legislation the organization currently champions. Both pieces of legislation could have profound implications for the future of public access to government information at the state and local level as well as how state and local agencies can process and act on information. "

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