Attacking Hezbollah’s Financial Network: Policy Options

From: House Foreign Affairs Committee | Hearing: “Attacking Hezbollah’s Financial Network: Policy Options

Remarks: Chairman Royce on Hezbollah

“Today we consider additional steps needed to confront one of the top terror threats in the world: Hezbollah.


But Tehran is not Hezbollah’s only source of income. Since its inception, Hezbollah has developed a broad criminal network involved in a range of illegal activities – from drug trafficking to cigarette smuggling to money laundering to counterfeiting. These global terrorists double as global criminals. 

Indeed, in February 2016, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration – in an operation led by one witness here today – implicated Hezbollah in a multi-million-dollar drug trafficking and money laundering network that spanned four continents and put cocaine on the streets of the United States. 

Read Chairman Royce’s Complete Statement



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