Fake smokes worth $3.5m seized in Vancouver

From: MetroNews.ca
VANCOUVER – For the third time in a year border agents in Vancouver have intercepted a container from China stuffed with counterfeit cigarettes.

The Canada Border Services Agency says documents that came with the latest container said it was loaded with clothing, but an examination turned up almost 50,000 cartons of cigarettes worth $3.5 million.

No arrests have been announced, but last November seven men were arrested after agents intercepted another container from China loaded with 51,000 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes.

Officials called it the largest shipment of counterfeit smokes in B.C. history and estimated the cigarettes were worth almost $5 million.

They said smuggling charges would be laid against one B.C. man and six men from China.

In April of last year, border agents intercepted another shipping container in Vancouver with about 50,000 cartons of cigarettes.


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