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“We think globally”: the rise of Paraguay’s Tabacalera del Este as a threat to global tobacco control

Editor’s Note: Cross-posted from the Counterfeit Cigarette Study Forum. See also Arrests Again Point to Paraguay President’s Contraband Cigarettes.

From: Globalization and Health

Benoît Gomis, Kelley Lee, Natalia Carrillo Botero, Philip Shepherd and Roberto Magno Iglesias



Tabesa became the largest cigarette manufacturer in Paraguay, and one of the largest companies in the country, through complicity in the illicit trade. Enabled by market conditions created by leading TTCs, and a permissive regulatory environment in Paraguay, evidence suggests Tabesa had become a major source of illicit cigarettes across Latin America and beyond by the late 2000s. Although Brazil continues to account for the bulk of Tabesa’s revenues, findings suggest that the company is aspiring to compete with TTCs in markets worldwide through legal and illegal sales.

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France’s failure to tackle cigarette smuggling threatens Europe’s safety

From: EuroNews

By Tomáš Zdechovský


Around 30% of the total originates from a single country: Algeria. According to the report, the flow of legally manufactured cigarettes in Algeria smuggled to France increased by 300% between 2012 and 2016, raising concerns in Brussels over the billions of euros lost from the French and European budgets.


The rejection of the EU’s help and the increased flow of contraband coming from Algeria have a direct consequence for neighbouring countries, especially Italy and Spain. They are used as secondary routes for smuggling cigarettes produced in Algeria into France. It has also a much bigger impact; by fuelling terrorist and criminal networks in the Maghreb region where these cigarettes are smuggled from.

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Probe into whether selling counterfeit cigarettes ‘a cover’ in father-of-one’s murder


Ken Foy

Gardaí investigating the murder of street trader Clive Staunton are probing whether his involvement in the lucrative counterfeit cigarette market may have led to his death.


A major line of enquiry is whether the widower was involved in a “serious dispute” with dissident Republicans because of a major row over the distribution of black market cigarettes in the capital.

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Will Cheap, Illicit Alcohol Flood America?

From: The Moscow Times (Russia)

125K Bottles of Bootleg Booze Busted in St. Petersburg

Police have uncovered a storage house with 125,000 bottles of bootleg alcohol in the city of St. Petersburg, Russian media have reported.

Fake labels, empty containers, corks and excise stamps were seized, police told the RBC news website Friday.

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What Impact will Brexit have on Illicit Trade?

From: Eurobsit

Brexit, one of the most important events in British and European history, will take place on 29 March 2019. The UK’s departure from the EU has now been set to happen for a long time, but it still raises many as-yet unanswered questions. The issue of illegal trade is no exception.

To be clear from the start, at the present time it’s still looking difficult to forecast the impact of Brexit on cross-border trade with any certitude. There is one main reason for this: the issue of trade and borders between the United Kingdom and the EU remains very hazy. Yet this issue is a key one, as almost half of British exports go to EU countries1.

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