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Demolition begins on Tupelo tobacco warehouse


TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) — Demolition is underway on a downtown Tupelo building.

Tupelo police officials tell crews began work Wednesday afternoon to
tear down the old tobacco warehouse on Front Street in Tupelo.

City leaders say the property will be the future home of the Tupelo Police Department.

The old tobacco warehouse was given to the city by federal authorities  following an investigation into contraband cigarettes that moved through the building.

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TOBACCO DUMP: Contraband cigarettes, cigars dumped by tax officials

Editor’s Note: See link to more photos here.

From: The Press-Enterprise

California Board of Equalization investigators dump cases of contraband cigarettes and tobacco products at the Badlands Sanitary Landfill in Moreno Valley on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014.


California Board of Equalization agents on Wednesday, Jan. 8 destroyed about $600,000 worth of seized contraband tobacco products whose labels, at least, said they were Cuban cigars, brand-name cigarettes, hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco.

The lot, 32 pallets worth packed into two trucks, was tossed onto the grounds of the Badlands Sanitary Landfill in Moreno Valley by agents of the state Board of Equalization, led by their boss, Chairman Jerome E. Horton. Their final fate was churning nearby in the form of giant bulldozers rolling over other waste.

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Over 40 million cigarettes were seized last year


OFFICERS OF THE Revenue Commissioners seized 50 million illicit cigarettes less last year than in 2012.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan told the Dáil before Christmas that there had been 40.05 million illegal cigarettes seized up until the end of November last year.

Addressing the decline, Noonan said a number of factors had to be considered.

“The incidence of illicit cigarettes in Ireland is evaluated through annual surveys of smokers undertaken for the Revenue Commissioners and the National Tobacco Control Office of the Health Services Executive.


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A cigarette smuggling case in Bulgaria’s Varna

From: FOCUS News Agency

Varna. Some 14 million cigarettes the excise tax on which
had not been paid were seized on December 30 at Varna West Port.
Lachezar Lazarov, head of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation
Directorate, announced the news, Radio FOCUS – Varna informed.

In his words, a check was performed on a ship coming in from Turkey and sailing under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda.

5 containers were selected to be inspected out of a total of 270 which the ship unloaded.

One of the containers was loaded onto the ship in the United Arab Emirates and a Bulgarian company was to receive it.

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Mugabe link to illicit cigarette trade

From: Legalbrief Today

Relatives of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe are being linked to illegal tobacco smuggling networks suspected of bringing more than R500million in contraband through South Africa’s borders.

The Sunday Times reports that Zimbabwe-based Savanna Tobacco is owned by a prominent Zimbabwean businessman, Adam Molai, who is married to Sandra Mugabe, one of Mugabe’s nieces. The products have been linked to a huge tobacco smuggling operation whose base in South Africa was shut down in 2010. The frequency of the busts, the methods used and the quantities of illegal Pacific cigarettes found have led sources close to the investigations to claim that Savanna has been centrally involved for at
least four years.

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