• From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Detroit, MI)

    “Yes, I am calling in regards to this competitive bidding. I think this is very unfair. First of all I’d like to know what about Congress? All the money that they make and are they not getting any benefits taken away from them. They get the best healthcare, they get the best of everything. This is not fair to the American people.

    Congress was to be built, was when it started, it was a voluntary thing and they had a certain term. Now why do we have to have these people paying top, giving these people top dollar for their money. Now what about the senior citizens who are taking advantage of the different companies that provide us with healthcare?

    I have a very severe problem with my lungs. I need oxygen. I need a CPAP machine. I need a blood pressure monitor. I need oxygen that I can take with me. I need one that I can refill my tanks with. I need to have these checked out and you’re taking all of this away.

    How unfair to senior citizens who have worked all their life and have given in to all their taxes and everything and you don’t even have any respect for that. You take money away from Social Security, take money away from Medicare but you’re not doing anything for our dear Congress people who are floating in dough and getting money after they are retired, their pay is given to them. How unfair because people here cannot even get a pension. What is the matter with our United States?  What is the matter with our Congress? What is the matter with our President?

    It is just unfair, senior citizens are the ones that are suffering with all of this because they can’t have the medical things that they need. All these things are just been coming and nasty to the senior citizens. Shame on America, shame on our President and shame on our Congress people and everybody goes along with it. It is not fair, not fair, not fair.”

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