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Amendment to Treasury and General
Gov't Appropriations Bill, 2000

Offered by Mr. Walsh

(for himself and Mr. Price)

Page 36, line 2, insert before the period at the end the following:

1 : Provided further, That none of the funds appropriated

2 in this Act may be used to implement, administer, or en-

3 force the fifth and sixth provisos under this heading in

4 title III of the Treasury and General Government Appro-

5 privation Act, 1999 (as contained in section 101(h) of divi-

6 sion A of Public Law 105-277)

Walsh Amendment -- Report Language Component FY 2000 Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Appropriations Bill

At the appropriate point in Title III of the report, insert the following:

The bill provides that none of the funds appropriated in this Act may be used to implement, administer or enforce a provision enacted in the 1999 appropriations Act that directed the Office of Management and Budget to revise Circular A-110 governing federal research grants to non-profit institutions. While the original intent of this provision was laudable, use of the Freedom on Information Act as the mechanism for public access raises the risk of serious unanticipated negative consequences for patient confidentiality and industry exchanges with not-for-profit researchers, among other things. The committee believes this issue among other things. The committee believes this issue requires further review before the revisions to the OMB Circular are made final, sand therefore directs the Office of Management and Budget to enter into a contract with the National Academy of Public Administration to study how federally-funded research data should be made available to other researchers and the public. The study shall be performed in consultation with representatives of industry, the scientific research and medical communities, and federal agencies that support scientific research. Upon completion of the study, which should occur within 12 months of the enactment of this Act, OMB is directed to consider the study's recommendations in formulating its revisions to Circular A-110.