Just like what was stated above so eloquently by Shannon whom I couldn’t agree with more. You lawmakers seem to have no knowledge of what it’s like to run a small business much less a DME business. Sorry if that seems harsh but reality is far from you policy. In your attempt to cut Medicare costs you are only pushing for increased Part A costs by limiting the suppliers payment for services on Oxygen. You are also really wasting taxpayer money by spending so much time on this competitive bidding issue. It seems that it would be more productive to pay the supplier for services rendered and also start paying for things not covered by Medicare such as grab bars, which a couple could be installed for under $200, and you could save a patient who falls from having to go to the hospital for a broken hip for $20,000. Your attempt to cut costs would be better served there than cutting costs by imposing competitive bidding. I hope these comments won’t go unnoticed by you politicians and you will really take to heart what people in the trenches everyday in this business know and listen to what us peons have to say. It’s time to start listening to your constiuents and really do what the people put you in office to do, which is work for us not against us!!!!

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