competitive bid

I was up the other night thinking how my country could condone

something so damaging to our health care and to the citizens

of the United States of America as the competitive bid.  I am

in awe that my government would try to save money at the

expense of our elderly and handicapped.  The competitive bid

does not have the best interest at hand for their beneficiaries

and the employees of the durable medical equipment industry.

It will certainly have a negative impact for all.  Yes, there are

dishonest people out there but to put all the dme’s in one basket

and say we are taking advantage of the medicare program is

a crock.  The reality is my government wants to down size the

dme industry to only have a hand full of dme companies.  What

happened to free enterprise. 


    If my government wants to treat their citizens poorly, I want

my money back.  I have been paying into social security and

medicare for years.  This is our money, not the governments

and the people should definitely have a say on where and

how that money should be spent. 


Thank You.

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