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Yes I am calling to express my concern about this competitive bidding because I use an oxygen concentrator and its attendant supplies. Right now I am able to call the company that I work with, if anything is wrong they will come out immediately. I can also go to the office to the door, purchase equipment that I need right then and there, no waiting. They know who I am. I am identifiable very easily to them and they care about me. I am just worried about the fact that the company that I work with would not able to service me.

Quite frankly to me this sounds like another Obama administration effort to get rid of the elderly people because once the elderly is gone, then they have that much less expense to pay for Medicare. So let’s get it straight. Let’s get our priorities in order. We need good care. We need personal care and care that we can count on because if we can’t get our oxygen supplies or whatever is necessary, obviously we will end up in the hospital and if we end in hospital, Medicare is going to pay more money than they are now. I like my server, they are knowledgeable, they know who I am and they care about me – not some distant organization that I call and they have no idea who I am. I also have the services of a respiratory therapist who knows me and is on site and will come out to the house if necessary. So I have some deep concerns about this competitive bidding and about the health care administration it is using right now. So please keep us living and keep us as healthy as we can be by letting us work with the company that we are working with now. Thank you very much.

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