Dan Gooch Cayce,SC

July 17th, 2009 at 08:44

While I believe that the results of round 1 prove that a gross amount of flaws exist in the competitive bid program I am further perplexed that CMS has decided to proceed without the corrective action plans in place to proceed.I listened to everthing CMS had to offer at the PAOC meeting in Baltimore and the 8 hour day did not scratch the surface to address the flaws and yet here we go full speed ahead. If the current administration has success in providing a national healthcare program the insured ranks would grow by 40-50 million beneficiaries. Why then would we proceed with a program that eliminates 70% of the DME providers in the nation? We should at the least delay the program an additional 18-24 months until congress can give our issue some serious consideration. Its hard to get congressional leaders to listen to a little 10 billion $ issue when a 1 trillion $ issue is on the table.Its no surprise to me that CRE has uncovered another gross inconsistant policy

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