Michael S. Duenas / ATP

I’m a Resna certified ATP servicing the Great City of Houston, Texas. The Medicare bidding program is fundamentally flawed and stifles competition. It does not account for “Low-Ball” out of state bidders that never develop any meaningful relationship with their patients. These same “out of sight & state” providers will also be nowhere to be found when emergency and repair services are needed. This program will only drive out of business a large portion of high-quality, local homecare providers who have served their communities for many years. Problems with the design and operation of the bidding program will seriously reduce beneficiaries’ access to the quality of care, and the patient’s choice of providers and the products that will truly best serve them. In short, competitive bidding is just “Straight-Up” wrong for the thousands of patients that need the professionalism they have come to expect from the Complex Rehab Industry.

Active American Mobility

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