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I am a Medicare beneficiary and I also have sleep apnea and I’m using respiratory equipment, a CPAP machine. I’m very unhappy with Rule of Congressman, it’s really  quite frightening to think that they would do this to us and I have some relatives also that I believe would be effected by this too and we’re all Medicare Beneficiaries and we all have sleep apnea, we use sleep apnea machines and I’m very concerned about them to and  I really hate to see this happen to people which need this care, they need the oxygen and I’m really quite concerned to say I’m the person who really wants to make a difference, and I just want to call and let you know this law is not good because it’s really going to create, it’s really going to be a big problem for a lot of people and also I think that people need quality care and we have these kinds of health problems. I would hate to see if this [???} and just want to call and  you all know to call and hopefully make a difference. I don’t like the idea of Government can’t…it’s quite frightening actually, it really saddens my heart to [???] and this really makes me very sad that this could happen and I would like to prevent it. There really some [???] to prevent this happening to people and so I just want to call and let you know my feelings and also the feelings of family members who also will be affected by this as well.  There are 2 or 3 of us in my family alone including myself who will be affected by this. I just wanted to call and tell you about this and call on their behalf as well.  I wanted to give you my input as well and so I would like this go to the appropriate people and representative…and so this is  my story and my feelings about this law which is really[???], it’s a lesson. So I just wanted to really thank you for this opportunity to call and let you know what our feelings are and I thank you very much and have a  great day and thank you.”

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