From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Spanish Fort, AL)

Good evening, good day. … I have an air machine and I have another machine. I am a diabetic patient. I have been trying to do everything that I possibly can to live a little longer because my health was really bad. I’ve been just to do everything I can to go on a little bit further. The people that bring me my [???] are very good people and they are nice people. And so I’m trying to tell you, this is the way I would like for it to go.  I would like for you, if you will please, not to not to bother with my people who bring me the machines. They are very good people.  They do for me when it seems like they can’t do for me.  But I what I wanted to really tell you was I really wish you would let them stay on bringing my equipment right out here for me.  I have 8 grand children and I have 10 great grand children and I want to live a little longer to see them grow. Also I take inhalers. So, I try to get everything I can from the same company.  So if you will please, please Jesus, don’t let them take the machines from me. Because I like the people. And it’s like I said, I’m trying to live a little longer. So, If you will, will you hold on with me for just a little while longer. And you have a nice day.”

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