From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Concorde, NC)

Both my husband and I are wheelchair bound with many medical issues, his being terminal lung cancer. I’m not happy with this new ruling that may be passed called Competitive Bidding.  We experienced that once before where they made us change providers for all of our BiPAP equipment and the one that we were allowed to use or assigned to, or however you want to express it, was not good.  So fortunately that changed and we were able to go back to who we were with originally, who provided everything.  I feel that same way now with all the oxygen equipment and so forth, that we should be able to use who the doctor feels can provide the needs the best instead of it being run by the government being called a Competitive Bidding.  I know this is probably as a result of trying to save money but at the same time if it’s done you will be saving it at the cost of health for other people who are having issues. So I’m saying please do not do Competitive Bidding and force us into some other group.  Thank you.”

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