From CRE’s DME Hotline: 1-800-613-7678 (Colchester, CT)

I would just like to let the Congressmen know that I am not happy with the new law that they have passed about…Congress was saying that they’re going in competitive bidding in my area of medical and medicine and I am not very happy about it because I’m happy with my Medicare people that are handling my stuff right now, such as J &L Medical Services for my CPAP.  I do not want to get substandard carriers that give me cheaper stuff for what my money is being paid.  And I’m just not with it as far as the health care issue of being taken away from regular vendors who I’ve been dealing with for all my life. And, being replaced by sub-standard practices such as cheaper equipment and stuff like that.  So I just wanted to let you people know, I’m not very happy about it and I would appreciate if you would change the law back to the way it was because this is not what I would wish to have done and I’m very upset with it. And, I’ll remember this at election time and I thank you for your time. Bye. “

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